Get Involved


We welcome donations of any amount! All donations (and revenue from sales in Canoe Creations for that matter) go to buying supplies, equipment, gas, and other necessities for our camps and other programs; they also provide scholarships for campers who might not be able to afford camp themselves.

Other Ways to Help

Monetary donations are not the only kind of donations we accept. We also would be greatly blessed by your time, even more so than your money. Ultimately God uses people to reach the lost and we could use all the people we can find.


We use interns on almost all of our camps. They help keep things running smoothly by keeping and eye on campers, cleaning and maintaining equipment, organizing games, washing dishes, and all sorts of things that wouldn’t be possible without them! It isn’t always glamorous, its not always fun, but as Christians we are called to a servant’s life which is rewarding in its own right. Don’t worry though, for every moment that isn’t fun there are dozens more that are!

You will learn lots of useful skills such as, first aid, rappelling, proper tent setup, fire building, and plant identification to name a few. You will also work on your people skills: communicating, listening, and sometimes anger management!

Like everything Canoe Creation though, the most exciting part about interning with us is the potential for spiritual growth in both you and the campers.

Helping Out

Can’t intern? Don’t want to? Don’t worry there are plenty of other ways to help us. The best way for you to help is spread the word! Like us on Facebook! If you have had any experience with us tell people about it; your family, your friends, and your church. If you have some other way that you would like to help, let us know we’ll see if it is possible!