River School

Times of quiet and times of water fun are added to each river run in addition to the “currents” or River Classes listed below.  All Sunday floats will have an outdoor river-side worship service.

River Class “Current” Options

Currents are trip themes or mini-classes that you can choose to explore for your Canoe Creation venture. They can be hours or days long depending on your time available. To adequately cover each one you should count on only selecting 2 per day float. However, many pieces of other currents can be incorporated into your outing.

Biology and Ecology Currents

Like a Tree Planted by the Waters

Springtime Wildflowers in the river bottoms are some of the most spectacular of all flowers of the world. Search, sketch, photograph, and learn in April and May.

Mount up on Wings

Float a scenic river and learn to identify birds by sight and by their calls. Call in owls after dark.

All That Swim the Seas

Explore the underwater life of the river by net, line, hand catching and snorkeling observations. Learn the native fish, mussels, and aquatic reptiles and amphibians of Ohio.

Too Amazing For Me to Understand

Travel the river's edge in search of wildlife and signs of their presence. Learn about the amazing ways of life that God has given them.

God in the Little Things

Learn about the life in a small waterway. No canoes necessary, just clothes in which you can get real wet in and a sense of adventure about the life that shares the stream with us.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Make a difference in your county by spending a day floating a stretch of river to clean up its banks, plant shrubs to stabilize eroding soil, or improve areas of the banks for wildlife.

Geology, Hydrology, and Earth Sciences Currents

Streams That Make Glad the City of God

Test water, learn about our impact on waterways Find out how the watery world points us to not just an intelligent designer, but an amazing Creator and Redeemer.

Seeing the Big Picture

Use math, drawing, geometry, scientific observation, & compasses and measuring devices to produce a living map of a stretch of river.

The Rocks Will Cry Out

Travel along the river and study the layers of the earth, what they are made of, and how the river lays down new layers. Become a challenger of the theories that try to use geology to dishonor the Creator.

Uzziah Loved the Soil

God has truly blessed us in the Ohio valley with wealth from the ground up! This class will test soils along a river corridor, examine plant/soil relationships, and 'man from soil' ecology that God got started.

River 'Rithmetic

Study water currents and how they effect rock, soils, plants, and wildlife. Look into the lives of creatures that find different currents to their liking. Find practical uses for math and science to help you understand life on the river.

Can You Lose the Belt of Orion?

Float the night away on one of our larger rivers or lakes during a clear night to study the stars, relax, learn of planets and deep space ideas, try your catfish line, and enjoy an evening at a campfire along the banks.

History Currents

The God of Our Fathers

Learn about the heritage you have from the Ohio wilderness and how the thoughts of people of yesterday have molded our lives.

Zeal in the Wilderness

Did the Indians accept Christ? Learn of Heckewelder, Zeisberger, and other godly people who risked their lives for the sake of the lost in the old Northwest before settlers dared to venture there.

River Story 'pirates and alligator men'

Learn about the 'peopling' of the region as you talk with local people, research at libraries along the route, map out your river journey, and explore what once was by visiting what is today.

Paddling Through Time

Watch for the stalker along the banks, the ambush or the pioneer from the past at your campfires. Living history characters will bring the past to life on the river.

Literature, Art and Writing Currents

Deep Calls to Deep

During extended periods of this float we will say nothing at all. Periods of writing and discussing your thoughts will be interspersed with silence and reflection. This can be a real challenge for some of us.

Living Water

Jesus used the things in the "breathed Word of God" to teach us of His heavenly Father. He used the world around us to illustrate the spoken. Common everyday sights and sounds of the river will be viewed through lens of scripture.

A Paddling Pilgrimage

Write a manuscript of a river as you course the riffles. Paddling partners will take turns steering as the other one writes and sketches.

Retreat and Christian Currents

I Will Not Give My Glory to Another

Behold what the hand of God has made, learn of past godly scientists, and discuss around campfires the significance of who gets the credit and the glory through how we chose to believe and live.

Look at the Lilies

A time to set yourself apart from the cares of this world and only consider the simplest needs of life. This intentional living expedition is an opportunity to see that God has indeed cared for all of our needs.

To Tend and Keep It

The environmental movement has often told us to keep our hands off the earth because we'll ruin it, but God has called us to use it and take care of it. Be prepared for the river to inspire you to re-think your use of God's gifts, time, wealth, and provision.

Winding Together

It has been said that if you want to judge your compatibility with someone, canoe a river together. Life is like a river that throws obstacles in your way - bends and sawyers, rocks and shallows; it also provides long, quiet reaches, deep, still pools, and sights of great beauty.

Headwaters & Tailwaters Using time with just you and your boy(s), and time as a group - Dads will learn of handing the steering paddle to their offspring.


Depending on the site chosen, some of the following activities can be added to your trip to teach teamwork, dependence on one another and trust in God.

-Wilderness Survival