Summer Camps

Summer Camps

We have a variety of summer camp opportunities for equally varied age ranges! We have starter camps for younger campers, longer camps for older campers, and even camps for the whole family! Don’t see one that fits your needs?… Don’t worry! We might be able to schedule one built around your specific needs!

On our river camps, we travel down the upper Muskingum River above dresden. Before each trip the water level and general safety of the river and associated area is assessed to ensure your camper’s safety throughout the trip. We never float a dangerous river! Ever!


At camp, staying safe and maintaining a Christ centered atmosphere are our top priorities.

   We encourage…

  • safe behaviors
  • fellowship with God
  • respect (toward leaders, counselors, and other campers)
  • helpfulness
  • open mindedness
  • truth
  • participation
  • thankfulness
  • humility
  • forgiveness
  • sharing

We discourage…

  • unsafe behavior
  • strong language
  • romance (We want camp to be a place to cultivate friendships and not worry about who is attracted to who no matter the camp’s age range)
  • fighting

If we missed anything on our list, know that these are just examples. Our behavior is directed by biblical principles with the overarching concept of doing everything as if unto God in the most Christ-like way possible. We expect this from everyone: leaders, counselors, and campers!

Remember to register by May 1st for a discount! Discounts are also available for multiple siblings, bringing another camper, or single moms!

Ages 8-10

Ages 9-12

All Ages

Pollywogs  June 21-23

River Rangers  July 5-8

Family Camp  July 1-3

Also remember if you can’t find what you need check out our Create-A-Camp page!